Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Therapy for Adults, Adolescents, and Families

425 Ellsworth Street SW, in Albany, Oregon

(541) 926-7322


Are you looking for someone to help you sort out personal problems or a difficult family conflict? Perhaps long-standing emotional pain from childhood or a traumatic experience in your life seems to have derailed you and shut down your chances for success and joy. Maybe you have suffered the loss of a loved one, the loss of your physical or mental health, or are faced with re-envisioning your life after an unwanted and unpleasant life change. Or, perhaps you just feel too alone, isolated, and lonely--afraid you will never find someone you can trust. My name is Margaret Hansen, and I am a licensed clinical social worker. I may be able to help…

Why seek professional help?

It can be useful to have professional help when faced with challenging problems. While it can be comforting to talk over problems with a close friend or relative, a professional helper offers an objective perspective and a place where you can explore all your thoughts and emotions without the risk of hurting anyone's feelings, saying too much, or challenging longstanding relationship dynamics. Additionally, your relationship with a professional helper is formed and maintained within strict ethical and legal boundaries to help you feel more confidence and safety.

To make an appointment:

If you are interested in scheduling with me or would like more information, you may contact me by email:, or you may call me at my office number above. I am happy to offer brief telephone "get acquainted" consultations at no charge. Once you enter therapy with me, I am able to bill most insurance plans (including Medicare), but do ask me for details about using your specific health insurance benefits. I look forward to hearing from you!

A little more about me…

I'm a native Oregonian, having grown up on both the west and east side of the Cascade Mountains. I've had a lifelong interest in people and what makes them think, feel, and create. This interest initially led me toward studying pre-medicine, but I became captivated by psychology (and confused by physics), so I graduated with a B.S. in psychology (1987) from Oregon State University. After several years as a mental health associate in a public mental health clinic, I went on to graduate school at Portland State University. I received my graduate degree in social work in 1996 and my initial clinical social work licensure in 2000.  As a social worker, I have been employed as a mental health therapist and clinical supervisor, as a hospice social worker, and as an inpatient medical social worker. I began
my private clinical social work practice in Albany in 2002, and have been helping Linn-Benton area residents ever since.

Creative practice developments for 2013…

I sometimes wish I had a whole separate "self" that could spend all her time developing the many ideas I have for better services for my patients and others in the community. I think about things like cost and access of treatment, different methods to appeal to different learning styles, and the increasing need for all people to be able to balance the demands of thinking, feeling, and doing. I am struck by the number of times I've heard how much people wish for meaningful connection with others and with nature. 
For several years now, I've imagined combining support and activity in a group format for those who would appreciate some companionship and shared experiences as they face life's challenges and celebrate life's joys. Please stay tuned to learn what I'm up to with this line of thinking!